HANZ BRONZE "S/T" Debut Album Out Now on Range Life!

Recorded by Marmoset's Dave Jablonski at the "Dave Cave" in Indianapolis, Indiana. Mastered by Carl Saff.

11 tracks of sea scroll obsessions and buzzed bohemian indie jamz. RIYL: GBV, Silver Jews, Bowie

The HANZ BRONZE "S/T" album was released June 19th, 2015 Digitally on iTunes and Bandcamp and on Limited Cassette (w/ bonus track & DL code) on Bandcamp and at the following fine record shops: Love Garden (Lawrence, KS), TD's (Bloomington, Indiana) and Aquarius Records in San Francisco.

July 6, 2015

Check out the cassette-only Bonus Track "Pac Woman"! Limited Edition cassette available from Bandcamp!

June 16, 2015

New video for "Elderberry Dawn", shot by Hanz and Alan in Seaside, edited by Zaguar. Album drops this Friday! Get it on iTunes or Bandcamp or from these awesome record stores: Love Garden (Lawrence, KS), TD's (Bloomington, Indiana) and Aquarius Records in San Francisco.

May 26, 2015

Check out "Elderberry Dawn", the first single from my debut album, out June 19th on Range Life Records! Video soon!

Blog 3 /.

The third of July traffic was too much so I turned off highway 101 and drove home to get my bike . Armed with a couple fruit flavored Tums I rode downtown and paid rent - I bought some time . The people thought I was a cliche ' and then I drove a motorcycle flaming into the hospital - freeing everyone - even Burt Reynolds looked to me for guidance on chicks - as the crowd gathered and the sky grew overcast I felt paranoid - like the jerk at the post office that judged me for sending tapes to Indiana - I adjusted my book shelf and fixed my phono - I lamented that I'd never learned tennis - I got so bitter that I even started to love myself - I got so loving all the owls of America moved to my barrio. That's right assholes : hoo hoo ! Hoo hoo!!!

- Hanz Bronze

Blog 2 /.

I can't stop eating veggie burgers everyday - sometimes a black bean burger with Swiss cheese and avocado smeared lettuce onion tomato pickle mayonnaise mustard - you know what ? It's better than me eating cheeseburgers everyday although who knows mayb I am . Sometimes when I'm really feeling free I ' ll get a salad with blue cheese dressing instead of fries chips or tots. I'm the real tot . I ll never grow old I'm Peter Pan come to raise Peter Pan hell . I'm Peter Pan come to raise young god hell ! I don't get these jerks who can't wish a young god well.

- Hanz Bronze

Blog 1 /.

It was a happy moment in my life. I simply had never felt more content . The mountains of northern coastal oregon draped me in a sadness I had never known before , the preposterous level of gnarlacity of the waves I was too afraid to know . Maybe it was my fear of sharks , o , but that's silly. I wished there were more honky tonks but then I made the world my honky tonk and God was my dj . Or was it Jesus? Well I like him better than God anyway . I rambled around the south spray painting God is gay all over the little churches. I regretted it but I revelled in being a wildman. Life was never better yet I needed a woman o what a fascist I became . At least a happy fascist . I went to movies alone and I never wanked it. safeway became a sanctuary , my place to get produce , since I was too anti social to hit the farmer's market which didn't exist anyway . I asked out the cute red headed housekeeper at the hotel because I figured she could only say no. She said yes. She did say yes to a glass of wine after work and now I'm married and yes, my life has simply never been finer. Now God is my butler, that old freak.

- hanz bronze *

Hanz Bronze is a writer and songwriter from Kansas City.

He's appeared on the "S/T" White Flight album as a percussionist and on the Suzannah Johannes EP as a lyricist.

Hanz is based in Ashland, Oregon.

Introducing Hanz Bronze

I played in a middle school band with Hanz Bronze doing Fugazi and Beatles covers.
Hanz was the lead-singing-drummer with the alternately sweet and manic doo-wop voice.

Years later, when “Wowee Zowee” came out, it changed our worlds.
We would drive around in the summer in Kansas City with the windows down playing “Wowee Zowee” with the stereo maxed.
The golden-green of avenue canopies through polarized shades...
Trying to chat up girls in cars next to us at stoplights while "Rattled by the Rush" went berserk...

Hanz Bronze began writing songs in Lawrence while attending the University of Kansas.
He had many bands: the Manhattanizers, Halcyonics, the Electricities, each a complete shambles and yet each suffused with such beguiling and perfect pop, it would break your heart.
Hanz lived in a big bohemian house in Lawrence with Tracey Trance, the brothers from Fourth Of July, and Justin Roelofs (White Flight).
He played percussion on the White Flight record and wrote a handful of songs that Suzannah Johannes recorded for her EP.

Despite attempts, Hanz never recorded an official album until finding indie rock refuge in Bloomington, Indiana and meeting Marmoset's Dave Jablonski. Hanz's debut album was recorded in Dave’s “Dave Cave” in Indianapolis and is a frenzied snapshot of the uniqueness of his songwriting: his infectious humor, tragic longing, and insistence that his songs remain as loose and alive in recordings as they sound on summer evenings, windows and beers open, jamming with the band.

Zach Hangauer / May 2015 / San Francisco

Painting of Hanz Bronze by Tracey Trance